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The Gods of the Rim are as much a part of space travel as jump-cores or space stations. Some say they’re ancient alien intelligences that transcribed themselves into the fabric of warpspace. Others say they’re egregores- beings created by spacers’ own belief in them. Others say they’re mere statistical coincidence, even while they swear by them. Here are five. 

GODS OF THE DEEP FRONTIER is a supplement for the MOTHERSHIP sci-fi horror RPG detailing five gods worshipped by the people of the Rim. Designed with MOTHERSHIP in mind, but can be easily adapted for any sci-fi RPG in need of a hint of the divine.

  • In-world pamphlet detailing manifestations, boons, banes, and holy sites.
  • Suitable as a handout, an adventure hook, or just a way to add more flavor to an existing game.
  • Featuring beautiful art by @booublik on Twitter.
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GenreRole Playing
TagsHorror, mothership, Sci-fi


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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